Could we get a head count of competitors who have submitted something of their R2 for each Region? I'm just curious of the progress. uwu

Mir: We have received one completed entry for Lochesh and that’s it.

Remember to note the group like you did for R1! We will probably do a reminder journal sometime soon.

Is round 2 getting a flash story or what?

Windy: Hey there anon! I can see you are so eager for this flash, but unfortunately round two isn’t going to get a flash. Making flashes is a lot of hassle for us and in the future we’re likely going to be sticking to comics. But know that this flash would have been basically just the leaders telling you the same thing as what was in the journal—what round two was about. Not anything more.

I was wondering what the weather/climate is like in each of the factions! Sorry if this has already been answered.




Well that’s based upon the real life places they’re based on, I guess!!

Lochesh I’d think is pretty cool and temperate. Winters it gets fairly cold. Summers it can warm up. (MIR HERE TO EDIT THIS) THICK FOG. THICK FOG EVERYWHERE.

Terran Alto is pretty hot and VERY dry, save the occasional thunderstorms that wreak havoc across the plains.

Corus I’d think is also very warm and dry. Though more sheltered than Terran Alto, it must also get a fair bit of rainfall from the mountains.

Moeras is hot and humid most of the year, save winter when Articuno gives it winter, where it is very, very cold.

Cita is by the sea so it would be very nice weather a lot of the time. Sometimes getting pretty humid, it also must rain very often. ::EDIT BY PEP:: Yes, that’s true! Cita’s weather is very nice year ‘round, and during the summer and spring, very tropical. During the fall it rains every so often, and in the winter it rains almost nonstop. (and if we’re lucky, snow occasionally falls!)

Ladon is similar to Lochesh I’d expect (both based on areas in Europe). Though its in the mountains so i guess it’d get a fair bit of precipitation.

Epicent City is usually sunny with rain every so often, and snow in the winter. It’s a temperate climate so there’s not much of a pattern.

UM IDK THIS IS JUST WHAT I’M GOING FOR BASED ON THEIR AREAS ON THE REGION please correct me other admins if i’m wrong haha!

What would the leaders do if their assistants quit their job?

Kassy: *looks around* uhm… I’m not sure what the other leaders would do, but…

o o

0 0;;;; I’d be SO SCREWED if Shawn weren’t my assistant. @ @;;;; She’s the one who’s way better with finances than I am (even though she insists I can get better if I just tried to study them more) and she’s better at noticing the details that I miss, little planning hiccups… I’d be in SO much trouble. <|””C So I’d definitely hire a new assistant! I can’t be without help, after all…

but hey! If shawn ever quit, I’ll bet it would be for a good reason so I wouldn’t get mad at her. ’ v ’ Besides, then we wouldn’t have to worry about her having to act all formal n stuff around me. ^^

Kassy, do you prefer musicals, or a more traditional theatrical approach?

Hmmm… *scratches head*

*kicks the ground* Both seem to have their ups and downs for me, personally! *sways on her heels* It doesn’t really depend on the type of play, it depends more on the play itself, and how it’s performed. *smiles brightly* I’d say I lean more towards musicals, though! ’ v ’ They’re the hardest to really pull off well, but when they’re done right, they’re a BALL to watch! (that’s why a lot of the time I end up picking musicals for performances in town… ehe… ^^; )

((IIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don&#8217;t know if this is the place to post this kinda stuff..? But since Shelly (and quite a few other npcs, actually!) doesn&#8217;t have her own blog, I&#8217;m posting this here &#8217; v &#8217; ))

((IIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t know if this is the place to post this kinda stuff..? But since Shelly (and quite a few other npcs, actually!) doesn’t have her own blog, I’m posting this here ’ v ’ ))

...Dalaigh why are you just- so handsome- and easy to love? Stop it- it's flustering!

Dalaigh: Keh! Stop it now, I ain’t nuthin’ special! ;D

Is the language the terran altonians speak an actual language? (you know, in our world)

Chrono:  Yes,  Lakota/Sioux is an actual Native American language and there are over 100 languages in North America alone.  

I just used the language of the tribe I was most familiar with because I grew up in Minnesota, which would be the Sioux Tribe.  

The Sioux, Winnebago and Chippewa tribal territories were originally  in the Midwesten area of the United States.   You might think that this area only encompasses Minnesota, Wisconsin and North / South Dakota but it actually goes as far south as Kansas and as far east as Ohio.  

And if you took out the Canadian border, Ontario, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan all have the same climate and weather patterns as the Midwestern U.S.   

The only problem is that most tribal language are dying out as the older generations die off.  I even integrated this idea into 6xl,  which is why the Altonians speak more English than Lakota /Sioux. 

But because Kohana is 30, putting him between both generations  he can speak both languages fluently. 

Also, the history of how English came to TA is a lot more sanitized than how it actually happened, with the missionaries, racism and child abuse.  

But because of the nature of the OCT and because it’s not written for adults I can’t elaborate on things like this except in passing.

But, I recommend you research Native American culture on your own.   Don’t take everything I write in 6xl as fact, same goes for a majority of Wild West films.

Except for two western series in particular:   Hell on Wheels and Into the West.

If you want historical accuracy and love watching westerns. It doesn’t get much better than those two shows.  

It will also give you a better understanding of the underlying culture and history of the TerranAlto region as a whole. 

To the admins, what gave you guys the idea to create this group? And who's idea was it? And how long did it take for you guys to set everything up?

Windy: After dropping out of a different one, I really wanted to do another OCT, but there weren’t any around that fit my liking. So I kinda wanted to do one of my own! I originally wanted it to be separated into single types, but that was kinda silly since it’d mean 17 different factions.

Crit: Windy actually approached me to help her think of ideas, which originally caught me off guard XD We ended up brainstorming and coming up with the basic idea of 6 factions consisting of the combos of 3 types each, except dragon, and then normal as a neutral faction. From there, it was collaboration between the many other admins Windy and I recruited to become the great canon we have now!

And the original brainstorming session between me and Windy was in January, while the group was started up in June. So it was a grand total of 5 months. 

I noticed a lot of admin NPC's are getting separate tumblrs. Would you mind linking them?